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Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads

Murano Island

Murano Island, very small and pretty island located along side of the Murano canal in Venice, Italy is famous for their glass arts.

Though the industry has been shrinking as low-cost beads made mainly in India and China finding its place on the market, Murano Island is still a home to a vast number of glass factories and glassmakers today.







Glass making in Venice is believed to be originated in 13th century with significant Muslim influence as Venice was a major trading port.

To protect the original Murano glass art and techniques, glassmakers along with the materials and fuels they used to make glasses were forced to move to Murano, which resulted in a great number of glass factories compacted on small islands where people improved and refined each other’s art work.

The trading beads from Murano Island were then transported to Africa, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.
Eighty percent went to Africa, and the remaining twenty percent to North America and Asia.

Murano glass beads

Beads from Murano, with such a long history, were unable to compete with the low-priced mass-produced products from India and China.
Many workshops were closed down.

Even today, there are still some workshops that make glassware and interior decorations using its characteristics. Unfortunately, however, there are no workshops in the same era that make the kind of small glass beads we are looking for.



I have been searching for glass beads that have been passed around the world as trade beads in various places. I have been delighted and saddened by the beads made here in the old days.
The structure, color, size, and pattern of the beads vary depending on the year of manufacture and the place of origin, and some of them are custom-made.

Beads acquired through bartering have various meanings and uses, such as being worn in ethnic ceremonies or used as neck ornaments to be passed down from parent to child.
Even if the beads are the same, they have different personalities depending on the person who strings them, and the local characteristics are exuded in a mysterious way.
I get excited just looking at them!



Even though I already knew that, I was reluctant to give up, so I started from the countless souvenir shops to the many specialty glass stores.
I went back and forth between Murano and the main island, visiting existing factories, closed companies, former workshops, collectors, dealers, and private warehouses. I traveled back and forth between Murano Island and the main island by hand.

I was fortunate enough to find a dead stock.


There’s nothing like finding beads you’ve never seen before.
We’ll keep you all updated on our bead collections!


Murano dead stock glass beads Necklace

Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000
Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000
Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000
Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000
Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000
Murano Dead Stock Glass Beads Necklace
通常価格 ¥15,000
セール価格 ¥15,000